Over-hitting Issue : Worried that the laptop is overheating? Follow these 4 simple tips to solve the problem

For the last two years, due to the corona epidemic that has been raging all over the world, work from home i.e. work from home and online reading has been introduced. And as a result of this, the demand for laptops has also increased to a huge extent now. So student or an employee, everyone is now in need of this device.

Also, many people use laptops at home or in the office. And due to excessive use throughout the day, many people face various problems while working on laptops, one of which is the issue of laptop heating.


Almost all laptops are more or less hot during use. But many times with a little use, the laptop is seen to be overheated, which is a terrible concern. In fact, as soon as the laptop is hot, it slowly starts to slow down, so to get good performance, it is very important to keep this device cool. But most importantly, many people are facing the problem of laptop heating, but do not know how to solve it.

So in this article today, we are going to give you four simple tips, which if you follow, you will get rid of the problem of overheating the laptop. So, let’s take a look at the tips.


How to Cool Down A Laptop

1) Keeping in mind the ventilation, a CPU fan is given in the laptop. Many times it is seen that not cleaning for a long time causes a lot of dust to accumulate in that fan. In that case, the laptop starts heating up as the ventilation work is not done properly. Therefore, it is very important to clean the accumulated dust inside the laptop at certain intervals.For this, the help of a professional mechanic can be taken. Besides, if you are aware of the laptop’s hardware, then you can easily clean the accumulated dust of the CPU and cooling system with the help of a soft brush yourself.


2) If you use another charger to charge the laptop, then there is a possibility that the laptop will heat up. So always charge the device with the charger provided with the laptop.


3) Many people keep the laptop in charge for a long time. In that case, the laptop may become hot as it is overcharged. So remove the laptop from the charging plug as soon as it is fully charged.


4) Often there is pressure on the processor due to multiple apps running in the background, and as a result, the laptop gets heated up. Remove apps that you don’t need while working in such a situation, from the background immediately. Then the problem of laptop overheating will be greatly reduced.

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